WAX-IT Rally 6.0

15-17 September 2023 - 600km - Oldtimers & modern sportscars


The sixth installment of the WAX-IT Rally takes us towards the Vosges mountain range, a four hour drive from Brussels. Over the course of three days we will visit the classics that make these mountains so famous among drivers, with hidden gems and scenic views thrown in for added excitement.

Enjoying the thrill of driving through winding roads and picturesque landscapes is the main focus, but the driver and passenger will also not be forgotten during this trip. In addition to the driving experience, the weekend also includes culinary moments featuring delicious local cuisine as additional highlights to this trip.

Unwind after a day of driving in a unique spa hotel, perfectly located to take in the stunning views of the Vosges Mountains. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to combine your love of cars with the beauty of nature and culinary delights. Join us for a weekend you won’t forget!


Just off highway A31 lies the magnificent 16th Century citadel that houses hotel La Citadelle and it’s restaurant La Reserve. Our team will welcome you from 14.00 at the restaurant with a glass and some hors d’oeuvres, before we start the rally at 15.00 sharp.

The pre-rally is designed for participants that want to get the maximum out of their weekend. It is a 125 mile leg that ends at the hotel where we will spend the night. As soon as we leave Metz we get on one of the main roads and head south. The first 20 miles of the rally go past quickly and after that we take some of the more scenic roads the area has to offer. During the course of the 2.5 hour drive you will see the landscape evolve from the flat lands to hills and eventually into the mountains of the Vosges mountain range. With lots of variation in roads and scenery, this is certainly a leg of the rally you do not want to miss.

Address of the restaurant:

  • Avenue Ney 5
  • 57000 Metz
  • Frankrijk

48° Nord

The unique 48° Nord hotel will be our home base for this rally. The hotel is a perfect combination of nature and architecture, where peace and tranquility are key. The Scandinavian look and feel of the project makes sure that our participants can relax and enjoy the culinary dishes that come to life using locally sourced ingredients or directly from the hotel’s garden. Next to the hotel we find a spa area that the participants can enjoy, combined with the facilities in their own rooms. With only 14 hyttes (a Nordic cottage) available, places for the event are extremely limited.

Address of the hotel:

  • Route du Mont Sainte-Odile 1048
  • 67220 Breitenbach
  • France

Gräss hytte - 2 Persons

The four Gräss Hyttes rise up directly from the ground, practically grazing the blades of grass and becoming one with them. The hyttes may be anchored and grounded, but a sweeping picture window opens onto a balcony, plunging you into the panoramic view. Your stay is rooted deep in the heart of nature. Reconnect with its elements from the comfort of your room. These hyttes are closest to the restaurant and do not contain any stairs. Every hytte has a cosy bed measuring 160x200 and a panoramic view of La Honel.

Eføy hytte - 2 Persons

The three Eføy Hyttes blend into the branches in the grove. A cross between Scandinavian architecture and tiny houses, these sleek hyttes are fully functional and sure to be cozy. Each area has been designed with intention. While the bathroom may be minimalist, the living room boasts a wide picture window. In your room, you’ll forget exactly where the interior ends and the exterior begins. Every hytte has a cosy bed measuring 160x200, with an extra living room with a large poster window providing a panoramic view from edge to edge. One of these hyttes has a private open-air jacuzzi.

Tre hytte - 2 Persons

The narrow wooden silhouettes of the three Tre Hyttes stand tall and lean as if they were taking root among the trees. Your stay in these hyttes is suspended between the earth and sky, opening onto the hillside from the terrace and the mountaintops from the living room. On the top floor, the muted atmosphere of the bedroom complements the light flooding in through two large picture windows. The sprawling landscape unfolds in front of you, the valley at your feet and the forest overhead. One of these hyttes has a private open-air jacuzzi.

Fjell hytte - 2 to 4 Persons

At the top of the hill, out of sight, the three Fjell Hyttes offer an opportunity to experience a truly natural way of living. The sky opens above, the valley extends below, and the forest surrounds you. Feel yourself becoming part of the greenery from one of your two terraces, your sauna with a sweeping view, or your Nordic bath. These wooden and glass suites offer a most peaceful stay in the heart of nature in the company of friends or just the two of you.

The Fjell hyttes all have a comfortable convertible sofa on the first floor, so these hyttes can accommodate up to four people in two 160x200 beds. This means these hyttes can be booked alone, or together with friends so that you can enjoy this extra luxury at a good price. One of these hyttes has a private open-air jacuzzi while the other two have a Nordic Bath. All three have a private sauna with a panoramic view.

Le Collet

On top of the Col de la Schlucht we take a break from driving and relax at Le Collet, a restaurant located at a stone’s throw from the Grand Ballon. The restaurant serves traditional French cuisine with a modern twist, using locally sourced ingredients to create delicious and unique dishes. The restaurant’s cozy and elegant atmosphere make it a perfect spot for a special occasion like the WAX-IT Rally.


L’Arnsbourg is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in the forest of Baerenthal. The restaurant is helmed by chef Jean-Georges Klein, who has been awarded three Michelin stars in total for his contemporary French cuisine. The menu features a mix of traditional Alsatian dishes and innovative creations, using locally sourced ingredients. L’Arnsbourg is a must-visit destination for foodies and wine lovers visiting the Alsace region.


The number of places for the rally are limited so it is best to sign up as soon as possible. The price for the complete rally is dependent on the chosen option but is always mentioned per car, based on two participants.

You can only register for this event through this website. Invoicing is done afterwards by WAX-IT.

Too late! Subscriptions for this event have ended.


  • Agenda: 15-17 September 2022
  • Start: La Citadelle, from 14.00
  • Finish: L’Arnsbourg
  • Questions about the rally: rally@wax-it.be
  • Price: 1815 to 2305 EUR VAT incl. based on one car with two on board
    • Pre-rally and rally road book
    • Rally shield
    • Welcome drink on friday
    • Two night stay at the hotel
    • Two Continental breakfasts
    • Two dinners
    • Lunch on Saturday
    • Goodbye lunch on Sunday in a Michelin starred restaurant
    • 600 kilometers of fun


During the last couple of years WAX-IT has grown to be one of the market leaders in the detailing scene. The company offers a complete solution to detailing: from helping the grass-roots DIY detailer with advice and good quality products, to the top of the range detailing services for concours winning vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

The WAX-IT workshop houses a detailing center, a store with a wide range of products and a web shop with next day delivery so they can service your biggest detailing needs. Want to learn more about detailing? WAX-IT also offers demo days where you get tuition on how to do it yourself, and time for Q&A to further grow your skills as a detailer.

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