As a team of passionate drivers, Openroads creates road tours for the general public as well as for your company. We cater for single individuals, clubs, groups of friends, you name it. We create roadbooks completely to your needs that will guide you along some of the nicest routes in Europe. We can provide from as little as only a roadbook, to the complete coordination of the entire event including catering, photography and support. Talk to us and we will not disappoint.


Custom road trips for clients

You wish to organize a rally or event? You can count on Openroads to bring you the knowledge and experience to make it a success. We guarantee a well made road book, eye catching photography, quick and painless follow up of subscriptions and a strive for perfection on all aspects.


Road trips for the general public

Apart from road trips for clients, Openroads also offers a few trips on our own initiative. An ideal opportunity to get to know Openroads, the way we draw our roadbooks, how to navigate them and to meet other car enthusiasts. A good day of fun at an acceptable price, for all that love the mix of an exceptionally good road and some cool automobiles.


Openroads is a growing company with many challenges ahead of itself. We would like to thank everyone that helps us grow and believes in our future.

Coyote Systems

Do you want to work together with Openroads? Do not hesitate to contact us.


The calendar brings you an overview of all events that have been confirmed. It does not contain private events.

17 April 2022

Zeeland Classic

Our yearly event where we go back to our roots. Zealandic Flanders will surprise us with beautiful nature and remote roads that we will discover using a beginners roadbook.

22 May 2022


Often overlooked, this quiet and deserted region hides some good driving roads. Rolling hills, nature and singletrack roads are key here.

26 June 2022

Three Countries

Three countries, three road types, three times the fun!


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