Custom road trips

Openroads designs your road trip based on the needs of your target audience and yourself.


Openroads offers your company, organization, club or group of friends a road trip or rally fully catered to your and your clients´ needs. What we do depends on your preferences:

  • The complete organisation and coordination of your event.
  • A limited organisation of your event.
  • Delivery of only a roadbook that suits your needs.

From start to finish

Openroads always sees to it that road trips and rallies are of a higher level with a good mix of idyllic roads and places to see in the chosen region. Openroads is known for:

  • A personalized roadbook with a choice in format, difficulty, detail, lay-out and general contents of the roadbook.
  • Optionally provide a complete coordination and reservation of fitting venues. such as restaurants, bars, ...
  • Close follow-up, including test- and reconnaissance drives with increased intensity right before the rally.
  • Publicity for your event on our website, facebook and other social media, but only if preferred.
  • We foresee a full safety and navigation briefing for the participants.
  • We are always available on the day of the rally to support the organisation.
  • Professional photography before, during and after the rally. All pictures on the Openroads website are of our own, and serve as a reference of what we are capable of.

Contact us and we´ll be happy to set up a meeting to further discuss your needs and wishes in detail.